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Dongguan Pachan Smart Home Furnishings Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development, production, sales, service in one of the European and American style of simple fashion high-end furniture enterprises. Founded in 2004, the company is located in Shatian Town,Dongguan City, the furniture manufacturing center of China. Product fusion of fashion, luxury, beautiful personality, the interpretation of furniture simple in shape, luxury in table, exquisite in quality design style. Fashion into the bone marrow, with luxury interpretation of classic, with aesthetic increase emotion, furniture to maximize comfort, luxury sustainability, quality superior. At present, the company has three brands: "Pachan · Classic", "Pachan · Elegance" and "Pachan · impress".

Pachan with low-key and hold concurrently fashionable feeling to be design advocate axis, coil the graceful and restrained line of postmodern design, bold costly style and comfortable environmental protection are interactive twine, build decorous environment for global family, hotel, villa and high-grade meeting room, decorate for sitting room of modern home home, dining-room, bedchamber to provide perfect furniture solution. Collection of craft, postmodern European style, noble style, advanced production technology to produce high-grade furniture. Marble model fashionable stereo feeling, stainless steel presents the costly of light and shadow, contracted furniture appearance matchs civilian furs draping simple sense to model costly glamour feeling, creat exalted and decorous, guide fashionable art, enjoy life essence, everything all is tasted in Pachan.


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Pachan brand furniture is taste, enjoy, synonymous with human nature, post-modern style furniture, which is influenced by the 1960s public art and culture, is an expression of rational rebellious modernism, although antagonistic, focusing on a single post-modern style furniture He stressed the architecture and interior decoration should be a continuation of history. Let elites home after a busy day, there is a transcendent experience in the sense of taste, pride, and enjoy a high degree of visual tactile, it is relieve fatigue, enjoy comfortable life harbor ...

Brand founder
Mr. He Hongqing

We always put product development, innovation and technological breakthroughs at the forefront of the company. Because we know the truth that enterprises don’t go in and die!—— The Founder & Chairman of Pachan

100%Safety Manufacturing
Quality 100% inspection

Every product, from material selection and preparation, to painting and assembly, is inspected by the factory QC team and has a product quality inspection report.

China's famous factory manufacturing

We believe that good design is not limited to drawings and lines, but must also be able to achieve landing and become a good product into the public life.

Industry's exclusive 5-level quality control

Raw material preparation inspection, machining quality inspection, painting/ fabric inspection, quality inspection before packaging, packaging quality inspection- 5 level quality control

Product quality inspection certificate
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Jonas Wagell :“设计中的情感远胜奢华材质,我叫它丰盛的简约。”


Jonas Wagell :“设计中的情感远胜奢华材质,我叫它丰盛的简约。”


Jonas Wagell :“设计中的情感远胜奢华材质,我叫它丰盛的简约。”


Jonas Wagell :“设计中的情感远胜奢华材质,我叫它丰盛的简约。”

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